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Troop And Family Support

Troop and Family Support


The American Legion’s Family Support Network stands ready to assist you and your family as you serve our country. You have enough on your mind. Your thoughts shouldn't include worrying about daily chores and the problems that sometimes arise around the house. With nearly 15,000 American Legion Posts across the nation, chances are there is’ a local Legion family member willing to lend a hand.

What kind of help can be available? Grocery shopping, childcare, lawn care, fixing the family car and countless other forms of assistance to a military spouse. Family members can simply call toll-free: 1-800-504-4098, provide details of the need, and then let Legion family volunteers take over. An American Legion post in the vicinity of your family will be called and asked to help. Members will contact your family to determine if and how assistance can be provided.

Legionnaires and their families have been in your shoes. We understand the problems and stresses that go with separation of loved ones during war. We stand behind you all the way and are anxious to help when you need it, at …no charge - just our deepest “thanks.” Legionnaires strongly believe we shall not fail those with whom we serve… no matter what war era.
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Examples of Troop and Family Support Programs:
The Reconnect Program
Legionnaires are engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship with active-duty military installations and reserve-component units. As part of an agreement with the Department of Defense, the Legion's Reconnect Program is built on strengthening the bond between veterans of past wars and those serving our nation today.


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